Membership Summary

Becoming a RAD Member means you are

committed to the future of downtown Reno

An individual, nonprofit or company qualifies for membership if you live, work, do business, support or just enjoy being involved in downtown Reno. Through membership, you can protect and enhance our community and your personal or business investment, have your voice heard among business and civic leaders, benefit from sufficient information and advocacy on a range of issues and help influence the future of downtown.

Help Shape Renos New Downtown
Help Shape Renos New Downtown
Non Profit
Must present a copy of 501 (c) 3 or 501 (c) 6 status.
Small Business
1 - 24 Employees
Company listed in online membership directory.
Two members.
Medium Business
25 - 99 Employees
Company Logo on the RAD websites membership directory.
Three members.
Large Business
Over 100+ Employees
Company logo on Rad Website with a link.
Five Members.

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